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A New Fuktard... A New Day On NG

2008-05-21 17:43:18 by soulmasking

K' so lots of shit has come and gone since I have posted on here. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that I haven't felt inspired. I no longer felt that I could come up with anything worth posting, took me a while to figure out that I just didn't have anything else for you on ng to listen to. It made me angry that no matter what I tried I just felt, well... repetitive. I decided that I would only post something new on here if I felt I was re-inventing my musical style. The two songs, 'I'm Ded (Main Theme)' and 'I'm Ded (End Theme)' were originally made by me about 6 or 7 months ago. I had let them be heard on myspace, and other places, but never allowed them to be downloaded. I felt them incomplete and I didn't want to post them just to feel that I once again jumped the gun and didn't get to a point where I thought the song complete. I won't go back and rework a song to make it just right (doesn't mean I won't take an older song and give it a new feeling, add some new music, or post an alternate version). These however were different. These two songs were not only very important to me but it felt like I was working on a possible progression to my style.

I went through some difficult times (not all of which are over) and after coming out the other side, I felt it was necessary to finish them and let everyone enjoy them. While they are not true compliments to each other. I believe they each show a different way of conveying my style. I posted them here with an actual sense of accomplishment. I am very proud of these two songs and feel that they really represent what I can do.

Then I notice my score after a day, and realized... wow... ng voters suck major ass... still. Not all of you of course. I am not conceeded; I know that not everyone will find my music worthwhile to listen to, but to come back to the same stupid crap is annoying. NG should be a place where artists of all kinds can come to show off their styles, and creations. Receiving compliments and criticism which are both objective and insightful. Instead you will find here on ng, that most criticism comes in the form of "YOU SUCK! YOUR MUSIC MAKES MY EARS BLEED!", and other forms of insult. To that I have only one response and it will remain consistant. GROW UP! I almost feel like it's the 4th grade, except the kids now use swearing to try and EMPHASIZE their points. Which are mute in the first place since they don't actually have anything meaningful or insightful to relay. They only seek to make the artist's existence as pathetic and meaningless as theirs. GOOD FUCKING LUCK! ^_^ AND I MEAN IT! I hope most of the ng community (which I try to avoid) is of better standards than this... and from the people I have interacted with I can see that for the most part, people show some level of respect, but then there are others that just need to have a reality check. You go and step on people asshat... you will find that one day you're the one getting fucked. Anyways, that's my "OH-BOY!-NG-IS-STILL-FULL-OF-FUCKTARDS !-RANT!!!"... oh and thanks to any and all who have given any insightful or objective reviews; WHETHER THEY WERE CRITISIZING OR NOT! I am objective enough myself to understand that not all support is given by saying, "YAY! 10!". Some support is given by trying to give advice.

To those that have, or will, do not be offended by my seemingly dismissive attitude. I just like what I do... if I changed it... It wouldn't be what I DO; No longer mine, but a collective creation. So here's to a new start! Hope to see you motherfuckers along the way! Look for my next song to be in the next couple months...

\m/ (^_^) -{YAY! I'm GONNA DIE!!}



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